Tapping up good times.

Founded as a passion project to serve up good times, Sweet Bar of Mine offers up unique, crafted experiences, tailored to your tastes. Have a favorite cocktail? From classic to creative, we specialize in kegged cocktails and bartending from the tap for a fun twist at your next event.

  • Caroline

    For the main event, Caroline is our four-tap mobile bar. Great for serving a nice variety to guests, Caroline can serve both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages at the same time. Have some special bottles to share? Caroline houses a powered bottle cooler to keep any additional bottles, craft cans, etc. cool. Oh yeah, and she's amazing for photo opps!

  • The 'tini wall

    Having a smaller event or keeping thing indoors? The 'tini wall fits the bill. Our two-tap wall is a freestanding option great for indoors and out. And don't let the name fool you, it's not just for martinis. Cocktails, craft beers, wine and beyond can all be on tap with this wall.

  • Bubbly Bar

    For a celebratory brunch or afternoon aperitif, this little bar on wheels is the perfect companion. With built in-flute racks, impress your guests with the cutest little bar for an epic mimosa party.

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